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Also in June we had the privilege of a quick visit by Craig Buckley, General Manager of Premier and Sven Parris, Premier’s Marching Band Specialist. The idea of this was not only to catch up on all things Premier & Highwaymen related but also the opportunity to give Craig & Sven a chance to see what we do in our day job. It just so happens that we were down in Portsmouth rehearsing for our massed bands performance on Horse Guards Parade so after watching the rehearsals Craig & Sven also had the chance to watch us record our ‘Warriors’ video. On completion of that we recorded our Q&A Session then headed downtown with Craig & Sven where we had a couple of beers before heading to our local Indian restaurant ‘The Star of Asia’. The Highwaymen would like to thank Craig & Sven for making the effort to travel all the way down to see us and for an awesome night out.

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