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Q&A Session

During April and May we asked via Facebook & Twitter for questions that you’d like to ask The Highwaymen which we’d then answer and record on video and upload to YouTube. I’m glad to say we had a great response from our fans and armed with a substantial amount of questions we headed out to record the video.
When drumming you couldn’t find a more confident bunch of guys, however when stuck in front of a camera and told to talk everybody becomes very quiet, so after a couple of beers to loosen everybody up we started recording. Although it took us longer to record the introducion without somebody laughing or saying their name at the wrong time we eventually got it down.
After a while everybody started to relax and people began to add more and more into the questions being asked. By the end of the last question we’d been filming for about an hour. There are plenty of outtakes however I’m not sure how many can be uploaded. Everybody is really pleased with the end result and we’ve had some great comments about the video.
Congratulations to James, Steve and Barbara (Tom’s mum) who won the signed drum heads.

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